What Keeps you Going as you’re “Runnin down the Road?”

What Keeps you Going as you’re “Runnin down the Road?”

We’re pretty confident that anyone who has ever driven a big rig has, at some point or another, cranked the radio when the Eagles song “Take it Easy” started playing on the radio. It’s iconic and just about everyone knows the words to the song, trucker or not. Admit it, you’re probably humming it right now – it’s probably going to turn into an “earworm” for you all day long. You’re welcome.

Thinking about this song also got us thinking about what it might be that really keeps a driver going while on the open road? Everybody has their “thing.” We might joke that it’s a good strong cup of coffee and we’re certain you’ve spent at least some small amount of time chatting with and comparing notes with other drivers about just where to get the best cup of “Joe.”

For others, perhaps music really is what keeps us motivated while we drive. Doesn’t matter whether your taste runs to country, rock, reggae, heavy metal, gospel or classical – most of us have, at some point or another, relied on music to keep us moving. Music can be uplifting, keep us awake and alert, even bring back fond memories.

We know of truckers who do nothing but listen to national public radio, arguing back with the hosts of the various shows – if only from the privacy of their cab! Still, others tell us that downloading podcasts and listening to them as they drive along helps keep them focused and alert.

For some drivers, the additional expense of a satellite radio subscription is worth the investment if – for no other reason – than at least you won’t be constantly searching the dial for a “good” station or better reception as you travel.

What about audio books? Let’s face it, there often isn’t a lot of downtime for drivers and chances are you want (or need) to spend much of that downtime sleeping so reading a good book is pretty much out of the question. Audio books can be great for folks like us who are “runnin down the road” and don’t necessarily have the time to read but we’ve certainly got plenty of time to listen!

We’re pretty sure there are other options too. An excellent long distance cell phone plan or capitalizing on free face time opportunities are a great way to stay connected to loved ones and even be included on special events you might not otherwise be able to be home for. What moves you? What is it that keeps you going when you’re driving? Have we forgotten something on our list? We’d love to hear from you – take our informal poll by leaving your thoughts in the comments section after this blog. Tell us your favourite way of being entertained while you drive – heck send us a video (shot while you’re stopped of course!) of you belting out your favourite tune – we might have an undiscovered future Blake Shelton on our hands!

What’s keeps you going?

  1. Audio books
  2. Satellite radio
  3. Talk Shows
  4. Podcasts
  5. Regular radio
  6. Playlists from your Iphone or Android
  7. Other?

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