The Travelling Trucker Files

The Travelling Trucker Files

At Service Pro Truck Lines we are committed to the future of trucking. Our advanced fleet includes 5 brand new Western Star 2019 rigs and our focus on the well-being, health and safety of our drivers is second to none. Crossing the border into the US with our Toronto to LA and BC to LA long-hauls routes, we’re already utilizing the benefits of ELD’s to help enhance safety, reduce paperwork and track goods for our customers. We’re also forward thinking when it comes to talking about the lifestyle of running rigs on the open road. That means, in addition to our regular blogs about safety, the industry and our company, we’ll also occasionally be talking about things like maintaining a healthy lifestyle even while being on the road for long periods of time. These blogs will be called “The Travelling Trucker Files.”

With the Canadian thanksgiving holiday just past and the American one still to come, turkey and all the trimmings are top of mind for many of us. Right now you’re either enjoying some leftovers or dreaming of them! This brings to mind the importance of nutrition. Just because you’re not at home, there’s no excuse for forgetting about the importance of heart health, exercise and eating good food that’s good for you. Here are some tips shared by industry experts (fellow drivers!) on how to eat healthy even when your miles from home:

  • Let’s talk turkey. The obvious answer to leftovers for at least the day following your Thanksgiving downtime is fresh sandwiches, garnished with mayo or mustard and for a unique twist and zing, just a hint of the leftover cranberry. These are only good for a day or two at most!
  • On the road for days at a time? Turn that turkey (or ham or any other leftovers from regular cooked meals) into a soup. Stock it full of hearty, chunky vegetables and throw in some pasta to “beef” it up a bit and then store in several portion – sized air tight containers that you can freeze. With so many trucks now equipped with mini dining facilities, “bar” style fridges and microwaves, storing and reheating frozen nutritious soups and stews for dinner is easy.
  • Fruit and Veggies. Eating “on the road” is costly and cooking vegetables each night to accompany your dinner is not really feasible. Buy fruits and veggies each time you’re home and stock your fridge with raw nutrition. When it’s time to replenish avoid the temptation of the truck stop and head instead to an area grocery store for a top up. Consider things like hummus or tzatziki as a dip for your veggies if eating them raw is not your normal preference.
  • ALWAYS keep a case of water in your rig. Staying hydrated helps you stay alert and water is the best for hydration. All joking aside about “needing” caffeine, professional drivers know that coffee will only get you so far and that proper hydration is fuel for your body.
  • Nutrition bars and yogurt. Make sure you source good quality nutrition bars that are stocked with fruits, nuts and granola, not sugar, sugar and more sugar. These little hand-held, easy to eat treats really pack a punch for “the in between.” When it isn’t lunch or there’s no time to stop, eating a “power” bar will get you over any energy slump. Yogurt is a little harder to eat on the go we’ll admit but stocking this dairy staple for when you have more time to enjoy it is a must. It’s a good alternative source of fruit and dairy when storing bags of milk in a small fridge isn’t a viable option.
  • A hard-boiled egg will keep for up to a week in the fridge and they, like certain nutrition bars, also really pack a punch in terms of energy. All natural, easy to eat while on the fly and good for you, a hard-boiled egg provides an excellent source of protein that has virtually no fat and includes decent amounts of much of the daily recommended vitamins the average adult requires – all at only about 78 calories per egg!
  • Nuts and seeds. If allergies aren’t a concern for you, buying and making your own homemade granola is a must. Nuts and seeds are easy to make, easy to store, last forever and are just so darn good for you.

If you’ve got suggestions or some tried and true trucker recipes, we’d love to hear from you. At Service Pro Truck Lines, we’re family driven and believe that sharing family meal times as much as possible is important. But we also know that if you can’t be home for dinner there’s no reason not to be eating the same good home-cooked nutritious meals your family is enjoying. It just takes a little bit of short term planning for long term enjoyment while you’re on those long haul routes!

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