The Most Permanent Thing is Change!

The Most Permanent Thing is Change!

There’s an expression, like the title of this blog, that “the most permanent thing in life is change.” That is, that change is about the only thing you can reliably rely upon. Change can be good and sometimes – not so good. Sometimes change is the direct result of turmoil but more often, change represents an opportunity to do something new, different and often – better. Why are we talking so much about change? Because it would be safe to say that over the last ten years the trucking industry has seen a significant amount of change and we think it’s also safe to say the next ten years will see a whole lot more. Service Pro Truck Lines has also seen its own fair share of change, especially with our recent move to a new location in Mississauga. Today – we’re talking about change.

Additions to our Fleet

Around this time last year Service Pro began the roll-out of our brand new fleet of five Western Star, state of the art, trucks with beautifully appointed interiors and sleepers suitable for team drivers. These trucks provide the very latest in safety technology and comfort for drivers and are part of our fleet running between Toronto and B.C. and B.C. to L.A.

Time Tracking

ELD’s – or, Electronic Logging Devices are also relatively new to our industry. Replacing driver logs, these electronic logs will help both drivers and companies to stay on track, get an appropriate amount of downtime and to track hours that are “lost” due to slow border crossings, warehouses not ready to receive and off load and ongoing issues like poor driving conditions or traffic log jams. According to industry experts and Transport Canada, ELD’s should provide opportunities to reduce property damage, injuries and fatalities by more accurately tracking driver time and ……. they offer an “improved quality of life for drivers due to more recuperative rest periods.”  Rolling out now, they are supposed to be fully implemented in vehicles across Canada by June of 2020.

Distracted Driving

Changes to Canada’s distracted driving laws came in to effect New Year’s Day and of note for transport truck owner/operators and fleet drivers is new stiffer penalties for a variety of infractions. Talking, texting, emailing or even dialling the phone, (if not hands – free) while driving are all offenses under the new law.


The Federal Government passed legislation legalizing weed. Trucking companies might have their own opinion (and/or policies) on the topic however! Driving impaired, whether by pot or alcohol, is still impaired and therefore illegal. Crossing the border in to the US is also going to be problematic if you have cannabis in your truck. Just because it’s legal here doesn’t mean that’s the case in the US.

Speed Limits

Our professional drivers know the speed limits across North America and both when and where they vary. That said, Ontario is in a trial period to raise speed limits across key sections of highway in the GTA. Impacting the 417 between Ottawa and the Quebec border, the 402 near Sarnia and a stretch of road along the QEW from Niagara Falls to Hamilton, the speed limit is being temporarily raised to 110km/hr. Like we said in one of our previous blogs – this won’t impact truckers who are legally mandated not to exceed 105km/hr but who knows how it might affect traffic when accidents start piling up?

Anticipating the Future

  • Self-driving trucks
  • Block Chain Logistics
  • ELD’s implemented across North America
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Uber, Lyft, and others – encroaching on the trucking industry
  • Alternative fuel trucks / electric trucks/battery driven trucks

Finally – We’ve Moved!

In the biggest change of all to take place in recent months, Service Pro Truck Lines has moved! Now centrally located between all the major #400 series highways, Service Pro is uniquely positioned to help your company with all its shipping needs. Additionally, we now offer two key services that customers are looking for including a 24/7 locked High Value Secure Storage Facility within our new 50,000 square foot warehouse and FreightAssist, an efficient and cost effective method enabling you, your sales team or even your customer, to track their freight at any point along the way. If you have an internet connection, you’ll have access to your goods and an understanding of where they are in the shipping process, every step of the way.

Phew! That’s a lot of change! We didn’t even talk of some of the other changes that came about, many as a result of the tragic events of 9/11. Enhanced border security processes and the implementation of a NEXXUS pass and NEXXUS lane at border crossings are two examples. As we said in our opening paragraph, often change is for the better – creating opportunities for new and improved customer service, better, safer vehicles for drivers and better methods of tracking hours of work. Most of all we’re proud of the changes we’ve made right here in our Mississauga facilities to better serve both new and existing customers. If you’d like to know more about Service Pro, contact us anytime. If you have thoughts on this blog or any of the others we post – feel free to post your comments, questions or concerns, any time. We love feedback – it’s how we learn, grow, adapt and change!  

Service Pro Truck Lines – the Future of Trucking!

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