On ELD’s, Safety and Service Pro Truck Lines

On ELD’s, Safety and Service Pro Truck Lines

Last month we talked a little bit about changes in the trucking industry over the last twenty years or so and in particular, referenced the use of electronic log devices or ELD’s. Given that this technology is not only revolutionizing the industry but will in fact become mandatory within the next two to four years, we thought it worthy of a more in-depth discussion.

ELD’s, or e-logs will become mandatory across Canada by the year 2020, and with some exceptions – extending into 2022.  Chances are, unless you’ve been spending a lot of time hiding under the hood of your truck – you’ve heard about ELD’s. Today we want to explore the topic in detail and dispel any myths. ELD’s  offer many benefits with the most important being an opportunity to enhance driver and vehicle safety across the industry. An electronic log device works by synchronizing with both the vehicles engine and its GPS tracking device, capturing time automatically. It will provide opportunities to reduce property damage, injuries and fatalities by more accurately tracking driver time and according to Transport Canada, offer an “improved quality of life for drivers due to more recuperative rest periods.”

Other benefits are anticipated as well. Administrative costs will likely be lowered and we should start to see fewer HOS violations and therefore less out-of-service detention time. Across the industry it’s thought that drivers will welcome the change because with everything logged automatically, there is less opportunity for inaccuracies, more opportunity for driver downtime and ELD’s should result in a reduction in the amount of paperwork a driver is required to complete. As well, any discussion of ELD’s would be remiss if it did not also touch on the fact that there will be NO changes to the Hours of Service regulations. Rather, it’s just about how these regulations will be tracked and recorded.

Electronic logging devices are already required south of the border for any trucks who operate across North America so here at Service Pro Truck Lines we are already in compliance with this technology and proud of our commitment to the safety of both our drivers and the general public.

That last point is the most significant one for our Service Pro Truck Lines family. Ultimately, these changes are all about safety and that’s what we strive for in all that we do because our drivers and drive teams are like family. We have a strong safety record at SPT and are committed to maintaining the health and safety of all our employees.  With industry estimates placing the value of the flow of goods across North America at about $650 billion+, the mandatory use of ELD’s is certainly a strong tool in our tool box to enable us to move these goods safely and efficiently. For the Service Pro team however, ELD’s are really just one of many ways we’re working together with our family of drivers and our administrative team to maximize safety efficiencies.

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