Driver Retention and other concerns

Driver Retention and other concerns

Service Pro Truck Lines follows “all things trucking” in the news all the time. From both a driver perspective and that of trucking firms, many of the concerns are the same: safety of our drivers and rigs on the road, safe places to pull over, the implementation of ELD’s, hours of service and driver retention and driver shortages. Each of these should be considered a top priority not just by trucking companies but also by the governments of the countries we serve too. It’s imperative we all work together toward providing a safe work environment (wherever on the road that may be!) for all drivers.

At Service Pro Truck Lines we might not be able to change all the things we would like to, but we can influence how we treat our drivers and the bottom line is, we treat them like family. Driver retention is crucial to us. We read all the statistics and we know that study after study suggests “the driver shortage has been a hurdle the industry has been trying to clear for some time, with an aging driver demographic and few young professionals knocking down the industry’s door.” (1)  That’s why at Service Pro, one of our taglines we are proud to stand behind is that “we’re family driven.” We are a family owned operation and we encourage family and/or team driven vehicles especially on our longer routes including from Toronto to BC and from BC to LA (amongst others.) We also recently invested in five brand new Western Star state of the art trucks that offer the ultimate in a comfortable driving experience because we believe the more comfortable our drivers are, the better sleep they’ll get on the road, and the safer these new rigs will be for them to drive. Investing in both people and our trucks is one way, we feel, we can help with driver retention and safety too!

As an industry, we need to continue to advocate for our drivers and for safe places to park, effective use of ELD’s that serve both trucking companies and their customers and to do more around driver training and driver retention – for safety sake and for the sake of our industry in general. We’re doing our part  here at Service Pro Truck Lines. To find out more about driving for us visit our website at


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