Assistance – At the click of a button

Assistance – At the click of a button

Service Pro Truck Lines is once again thinking ahead of the curve when it comes to providing unique and specialized customer service tools for our valued clients. Already an industry leader offering a broad range of services related to LTL, SP3PL Logistics and TL Expedited Freight across Canada and the US – we’ve recently added a new feature that will allow our customers to know exactly where their shipment is – every mile along the way! “Knowledge is power” and we know that for our customers, knowing where your shipment is located is crucial to helping provide excellent customer service to your customers. At Service Pro Truck Lines we are all about customer service and so – we listened to you. Introducing the all new Freight Assist®.

With the simple click of a button, combined with access to the Internet, Freight Assist® provides access to the status of your shipments ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! Freight Assist® “is an efficient, cost-effective method (that) allows your sales team, your employees, and your customers to have access to the status of their shipments/contracts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” You simply cannot provide better service or better access to the valuable information you and your customers need. Using tools like a Purchase Order number, consignee information, an invoice number or a Probill # you’ll be able to track and trace shipments at your convenience and from wherever you are!

This is just the beginning. Like our recent move to bigger, better facilities; offering a more centralized location, improved security and 24/7 access to our High-Value Secure Storage Facility, this new Service Pro Truck Lines development will also be subject to continuous improvement. Our focus will be on providing ongoing enhancements to better provide you with the best (and most current) online tools possible. To work with this new technology and to better support our efforts at maximizing how this tool works best for you, we suggest using The Freight Assist® website with Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 6.0+ and Netscape® Navigator® 7.0+

Visit our website today at and find out why we’re more than just another trucking company. We’re an industry leader, engaged with our customers, providing innovative services that truly are “ahead of the curve.” Service Pro Truck Lines – we’re the Future of Trucking and the future is Freight Assist®. Sign up today!


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